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The charter bears the signatures of Tirumalarajayya, and
several others, and it was er.srrs-.vod by th** goldsmith
giri of Lrtukn.ra with the coi.sei.t oi the {'grabarwas ahd
of the said villages.

fC^ti tfAZvftllti L. .?. 3S, pp. 473-79.


May it prosper! Hail, hi the year 1474 of the ever
victorious Salivahana Ssika corrc-^pourling' to Paridhavi Ma^ha
ba 5 Friday (Feb. 3. 1-V8 A.D.;, Srliiiltha Ra&ayadeva M&lia-
raja, the son o/ Lkk§niipalh'aj*i, ai^cl ths grandson 01 fc
rajn Samanta Singara llaiiavatra. (with several titles
(this) charter to the pilgrims visiting Tirupati Sr!£aila.

At the ford of Ketavaram ^on the Kj^na) which Ssrlman
Maharaja Rajaparameisvara Sii Sada^ivaceva Maharaja, being
seated on the Jewelled- throne of Yidyanagara, granted to us for
[nayankaram]) we have made sarcamanya the su/ika ihUna^ and
the duties collected therein on the pilgrims of eighteen castes
passing to and fro, on the horse? on which they ride,
the different articles brought by merchants accompanying
them, and on the bullocks and a^ses which carry these articles.

An intsrifiitn 3t Xm*varsnn : L. R. 12, pp. 257-S8.

197.    , IHUMALA.
Martuza captured the fort of Kondavldu, blasted all the
shrines in the town, and broke their images. He changed the
name of Gopinathapnra into Martuzanag&ra and having made
it his capital? he began to nuc the country in tlie Beighbour-
hood ^ but Tirnmaladeva MaLaraya marched upon him with
an army, and having expelled the Mnhsmmiadan forces from the
south of the Krsna he captured several forts. During the reign
of Tirnmaladeva llaharaya his son Sriraiigarajaj who WM
governing this province, made a grant of Iftnd to the shrine of
Gangadhara Ramesvara OB 6, S. 1494 Sngirasa VawSkha 12.
Titumalad^va MahErlja tilled until S. S. HIH.
, JW-4.